Parasites and Candida Detox Tea -14 Day

Parasites and Candida Detox Tea -14 Day

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Product Description 

The detox is made with only organic and wild-crafted herbs that target the liver, kidneys, blood, tissues, lymphatic system, and entire digestive tract. It also kills and eliminates parasites and yeast (candida) that steal our vitamins and minerals, and hi-jack our tastebuds making us crave unhealthy foods.  Parasites can cause headaches, Sore throat, skin blemishes, yeast infections and more

Recommended Use

+ Bring 32oz of water to a boil

+ Add 2 teaspoons of tea to 32oz of hot water

+ Steep overnight in a glass jar for a more potent remedy

+ For best results, use distilled water (water can affect the taste of the tea if it is not filtered).

+ Qty. 1oz of loose tea




Not for Pregnant Women