Benefits of Sea Moss

What is Sea Moss? 

Sea Moss is a powerful alga that naturally grows on rocks in the ocean and has earned its name as a "Superfood". It is known as the vegetable of the sea.  Sea Moss goes by the name Irish Moss or scientifically Chondrus Crispus. It is virtually odorless as well as tasteless. It is an excellent source of nutrient that contains 92 out of the 102 minerals your body needs for maintaining a healthy immune system. Ingesting 2 tablespoon per day is recommendable. Packed with so many vitamins and minerals, I can see why everyone is raving about this natural sea vegetable! It is even safe for children!

What Minerals are in Sea Moss?

92 Total Minerals | Calcium | Potassium | Magnesium | Zinc | Sulfur | Iodine | Folate | Vitamin B2 | Vitamin B12 | Sodium | Copper | Fiber | Vitamins A, E, C, and K | Not a complete list 

How Do You Consume Sea Moss?

Sea moss can be taken alone (from spoon) or by adding it to things such as pancake batter | smoothies | juices | coffees | teas | soups | stews | hair or even used as a face mask.

Benefits of Sea Moss?

Helps rid the body of mucus | Support and promote a healthy immune system | Helps improves energy level | Supports respiratory health | Helps improve metabolism | Helps lowers blood pressure | Aids in weight loss with a balance diet | Supports vaginal health | Helps with thyroid issues | Improve libido | Help with impotency | Aids in digestive health | Known to help remove radiation poisoning  | Aids in emotional health | Helps support reproductive health | Great for your skin and hair | Known as a powerful anti-Inflammatory | Helps with joint health | Supports a healthy heart

Benefits of Fruit Infused Sea Moss

Fruits promote wellness by helping to reduce inflammation, and supports  immune function and provide fuel for the body. Fruit grown organically are rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C | Iron | Magnesium | Phosphorus | with less exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues when compared to conventionally grown products. Sea Moss and organic alkaline fruit promotes healthy elimination of toxins for pH balance and detox of the body.