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Organic Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel

A Powerful Superfood | Includes 92 minerals | Natural Daily Multi-vitamin | Great for Kids & Adults


Elderberry Syrup

A popular folk remedy for cold/flu and immune support. Our formula includes 7 powerful herbs


Herbal Capsules

Organic Premium Herbal Blends in Capsules; From Sea Moss | Hormone Balance | Detox herbs | Pain Relief


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Customer Testimonials

Sea moss gel Improved digestion and I overall feel great!!... great product!

A. Wilson

I ordered the Elderberry it works wonders.. my 2 year old was a little under the weather so I started adding elderberry to her juice and within 3 days the elderberry cleared whatever she had out of her. Elderberry is definitely a good natural way to knock out a cold. Great products and excellent customer service.

A. Campbell

This stuff really works. I started taking this while I had COVID-19. A friend introduced me to because it helps dissolve mucus in your lungs. The Sea Moss gel helped me bring up A LOT of mucus in my chest and get it out. I still take it for health benefits and to clear mucus out of my system. also a great appetite suppressant.

E. Denise

I’ve been taking 100% Sea moss and elderberry syrup for a few weeks now. I feel great, energetic and more alert. Clearing up mucus, and I notice I don’t snack as much. I love these products. Highly recommended

Y. Heath

All I can say is, I LOVE all the products! Customer service is great and they take the time to answer your questions about their products! I will definitely keep ordering from this company!

A. Massengale

The product was nothing short of amazing! Sea-moss is what I purchased. When feeling under the weather this will definitely give you the boost you need. The service was very professional. I also appreciate the prompt response from the company. I can’t wait to place my next order

L. Parks