Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate and provide herbal resources that promote and sustain self-care and healing. The brand's primary focus is to offer Alkaline Herbal Medicine that naturally supports the healthy expression of the African genome and used by Dr. Sabi to reverses chronic disease. Our herbal ReMedi's are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based medicine that supports common diseases like liver, kidney, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, digestion (colon), and thyroid, obesity, smoking, and blood sugar.

We believe that for every human illness, there is a plant that is the cure.

About Us 

Hi Plant Bay's, My name is Adrian. Welcome to our site!! We hope you can find a ReMedi that supports your wellness goals. Our herbs are hand crated in small batches with positive intentions. Please reach out to us by email for help finding your ReMedi

More About Us

I am a wife and mother who was diagnosed with Chron's disease in 2015, a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks the digestive system and colon. This life event encouraged me to study herbalism for medicine. I begin studying ancient African medicine, herbs (alkaline), plant-based food, and teaching myself the practice of wellness and self-care. This research led to Dr. Sabi, who discussed using Sea Moss and herbal teas to treat chronic diseases, including the digestive system (colon). I began taking Sea Moss in 2018 and immediately recognized an increase in my energy level, my body riding mucus, and a decrease in cravings & apatite. I noticed a significant difference when I increased my vegetable intake and eliminated meat from my diet, such as balancing my hormones, less brain fog, increased libido, mental clarity, and lower cholesterol. Once I was able to 'heal thyself,' my spirit encouraged me to create ReMedi's for my community. 

I encourage you all to do the work and invest in building good family health

My experiences have taught me; Good Health is a Lifestyle & a Journey; Be Kind to yourself