5 Day Watermelon Challenge

5 Day Watermelon Challenge

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5 Day Watermelon Cleanse |

3 Days Watermelon | 2 Days Watermelon & Salad

Loose Waste - 8-20lbs in 5 Days

Designed to move toxins and waste from the Gut/Digestive System | Detox the Liver & Kidney’s | Move the Lymphatic System 

What's Included:

  • Detox Manual/Prep Instructions - Everything is written out for you
  • Detox Recipes - instructions included
  • Shopping List
  • Detox Eating Schedule
  • Video Prep instructions
  • Telegram Detox Group

Detox Plan Bundles: 

enhance your cleanse by adding these detox herbs

  • 16oz Sea Moss Gel - Increase waste removal, 92 Minerals, cleanse the Colon, Support Constipation 
  • Gut Buster Detox Tea - slims the waist, remove old stubborn waste from gut, repairs gut lining 
  • Detox Capsules includes - Sea Moss Capsules, Chlorophyll, and Herbal Laxative 



    Consult with your doctor or Pharmacists if taking medication before starting a detox Do not stop taking any prescribed medications

    +Detoxing is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. Follow detox until mid-day and eat raw veggies

    +Exercise is not recommended during a detox