Ginger & Turmeric Capsules

Ginger & Turmeric Capsules

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The combination of ginger and turmeric is one of the most powerful blends for daily wellness. Ginger root has been shown to be effective at relieving muscle pain, cramps, and lowering cholesterol. Turmeric root is commonly taken to help with inflammation , support gut health and to support joint health.

Take 2-4 Capsules by mouth daily with a full glass of water | Do not exceed 3 times a day

+500mg Per Capsule | 90 Count 

+Burn Belly Fat

+ Fights Inflammation 

+ Relieve Chronic Pain

+ Reduce Nausea & Stomach Soothing

+Support Cell Damage

+Lower Cholesterol

+Improves Immune Function 

+ Ingredients: Organic Ginger Root | Organic Turmeric Root | Organic Black Pepper | Vegan Capsules